IntReALL 2010 organizes the worldwide largest international clinical trial on childhood relapsed ALL, establishing the best standard treatment strategies and investigating innovative therapies, by establishing standardized high quality diagnostics and a comprehensive research program on refractory ALL, by integrating up to 300 European hospitals as well as innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) covering biotechnology and IT, and by closely linking to the relevant networks on paediatric oncology, drug development and parent organizations.


More on the involved national clinical study coordinators and companies >> here


  IntReALL final summary report  - October 2011 - September 2017 


  IntReALL progress after year 6 - September 2017 

  IntReALL progress after year 5,5 - March 2017 

  IntReALL progress after year 3,5 - March 2015 

 IntReALL progress after year 2 - November 2013

 IntReALL progress after year 1 - November 2012




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